Kulzer Glauchau 1

End user integration is a central point in the THEIA-XR development strategy.

Last week, Manuel Kulzer visited operators of excavators to get their direct input. He visited the training grounds of the ÜAZ Glauchau again for two design workshops in the construction use case. One workshop with apprentices in their third year and one with the trainers, some of them with 20+ years of experience on construction sites.

We wanted to hear what they think about the cabin technology ideas we had already come up with and what else they would like to see in the excavator cabin of the future. 

Now, off to drafting XR information architecture design based on the approved ideas, which will then be validated again with operators in Glauchau. Thanks a lot to the ÜAZ Glauchau!

Kulzer Glauchau 2
Kulzer Glauchau 3


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