In early December , researchers Tanja Brodbeck and Manuel Kulzer from Media University Stuttgart visited the premises of Kalmar in Ljungby, Sweden to continue user research for the logistics use case. There, they conducted two more so-called contextual inquiries, a combination of observation and interview, with two veteran reach stacker operators. In the afternoon, they climbed into the cabin of one of these massive vehicles themselves and tried out some basis container pick-up and placement tasks to get a feeling for the real work processes. Similar to the other two use cases, handling containers quickly, efficient and precisely while paying attention to the surroundings of the machine is a job that requires intuition, focus and true mastery of the controls.

With the insights gained in this visit, the first user research phase of the THEIA-XR project is completed and we move on to the co-design of visions and features for all use cases together with the operators. 



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