Reach stacker picking container from stack ©KALMAR

Use Case #2: Logistics

"On the road, you are the biggest road user with your machine. On the port area, you are the smallest." This is how an operator, interviewed for the logistics use case described the challenges faced when operating a reach stacker.

A reach stacker is a container-handling machine that can be compared to a mobile crane - however at the end of the boom, it has a spreader and can lift empty and full containers up to 45 tons in weight and up 6 containers in height. Reach stackers widely operate in many small and medium size ports and container terminals, may be operator from the cabin or remotely with hand held devices and later with the remote control desk in the control center.

Possible remote operation screen ©VTT ©KALMAR

In any case, the operator is handling containers up to 45 tons, moving, lifting and placing them in areas of reduced visibility. Consequently, it is our aim of the logistics use case to support the remote operation of reach stackers by providing the human operator better perception of the task at hand and its context, which can vary from task to task. We will investigate how digital experience can support the human operator to make operations more productive and safe.

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