Snowgroomer during operation ©PRINOTH

Use case #1: snow grooming

WHITEOUT: an "optical" phenomenon, [...], in which the snow-covered ground blends into a uniformly white sky, greatly reducing the visibility of shadows, clouds, the horizon, etc. and one's sense of direction or distance (Collins Dictionary).

However, a whiteout is not "only" a meteorological phenomenon, but a real-life work condition for operators of snow groomers who are typically working during the night and under all weather conditions.

Potential scenario of a snowgroomer operator view using XR technology ©PRINOTH

Having this picture in mind, we are in the middle of the snow grooming use case, with the main objective to support the operator with sensor and visualization assistance in any environmental condition leading to limited or even no visibility for the human operator.

During the work on the use case, among many possible scenarios, we have chosen the following three:

  1. Building a slope matching a target surface
  2. Obstacle avoidance
  3. Zero sight navigation (whiteout)

For all these three scenarios, user stories are collected, and requirements generated, to develop and evaluate XR solutions supporting the scenarios and user stories.

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